About us



Guitarist, Lead-Singer and Songwriter

Ferdi is our lead singer as well as one of our two guitarists. He prefers playing pop songs, which is reflected in his songs. Of course, that doesn’t stop him from adding a little rock touch to them. With his music, Ferdi wants to touch the hearts of as many people as possible. In his lyrics, he includes themes that many teenagers may recognize from their own lifes. Even though the songs belong to the pop genre, they always add a little twist to it so that they never become boring.


Guitarist, Bassist, Singer and Songwriter

Danny is the second part of our guitarist duo. With his technique , he is the one who adds the rock touch to the music, together with his e-guitar. As the one in charge of the guitar solos, Danny has a big responsibility but through pulling them off, he gives the songs the extra oomph that really strikes your ears. His singing tops it off by harmonizing with Ferdi’s and Can’s, creating a beautiful triad of voices.

everyone has to start somewhere, you just have to start .
- bluefire


Piano and Songwriter

Oskar is our pianist. His reportoir goes from classic to modern pop and his play takes our songs to a new level. He creates beautiful paino phrases and fills up the songs to a perfect level. He also composes songs by himself and gives free rein to his creativity. The way he plays the piano is worth to hear him live.




Tony knows every drum and every beat as well as if it was created by himself. No one can resist moving when he starts his rhythmic playing and precise accuracity of drumbeats. But  – a good drummer is not only defined by much and rhythmic playing but knowing where to insert them. This ability has Tony.




Can is the one creating these beautiful backround effects. Ever heard some organ, strings or other instruments in a song you could not really assign? That is where Can comes in and plays the perfect amount of music that is needed, to finally make a song complete. Can has a beautiful voice and alligns perfectly with the singer-trio.

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Technician and others...

Simon is our technician and with his admirable technical knowledge he is able to create a perfect sound and a wonderful fitting light show.